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Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward, and Fisher are a swarthy batch of young cronies made up from the parts of Dundee’s recent hot bands – The Law, Luva Anna and Magdalen Green. Their secret is a blend of three enigmatic songwriters and singers thrown together into one melting pot.


Described as a breath of fresh air, both musically and in their approach to their audiences, they maintain a humour and humility that many bands just cannot harness. The line up of instrumentation they employ hints at the unusual sound they have harnessed – bouzouki, mandolin, harmonium, double bass, autoharp – the list goes on. Folk, hip-hop, rock and country are not genres that are normally associated with just one band.


Since August 2011, they have been quietly refining their live set and preparing their eponymous debut album release Recorded almost completely live in just three days by Robin Evans at the legendary TPot Studios, it is the first release mixed at Gardyne Studios in Dundee by Mike Brown.

Band Members:

Stevie Anderson

Gavin McGinty

David Webster

Robbie Ward

Billy Fisher

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Written by Paul McJimpsey

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