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Blood Relatives

Blood Relatives are a Glaswegian band who play songs in an effort to make you dance, and make you think. None of them are related to each other, but they’ve all got pop music running in their veins. And like Elvis said, when you have rhythm you have it all over.

PMCJ will be hosting Blood Relatives as part of  Edinburgh freshers week at Sneaky Petes on Sunday 8th September, tickets are available HERE

Having played music together for a number of years, the band release their first record in the Autumn of 2013. The music blends a uniquely Scottish sense of humour with a sunny sound, because they like to be upbeat to detract from the dreary weather of their hometown. Lyrical depth is a defining feature of the music: the songs are word-play entwined with catchy pop hooks so that it stays in your head long after you’ve left the show.

Blood Relatives would like to welcome you to the family.

Band Members:





Upcoming Gigs:

Belladrum Festival, Beauly - 2nd August

Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh - 8th September

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Written by Paul McJimpsey

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