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Chvrches : pronounced as “churches” and sometimes stylized as CHVRCHES : are a Scottish alternative electronic band from Glasgow and the mostly hotly tipped Scottish act for 2013.

Their music style is usually tagged as electronic or synthpop. Neon Gold described their sound as “a godless hurricane of kinetic pop energy”. The guys have taken inspiration from acts such as Prince, Tubeway Army, Robyn, Lil Wayne, Laurie Anderson, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, and Elliott Smith and this mix has based the foundations of their music.

Before Chvrches, band members Lauren Mayberry was keyboardist and co-vocalist for the band Blue Sky Archives, Iain Cook was a member of Aereogramme and The Unwinding Hours; he also wrote music for film and TV and finally Martin Doherty was a live member of The Twilight Sad.

They all write, record, mix and master everything in a basement studio in Glasgow and and have just been announced for SWSX as well as a full American tour.

So 2013 proves to be a VERY exciting time for the most hotly tipped Scottish act around at the moment and listening to tracks such as Lies and The Mother We Share, you can clearly see why there is so much hype about the Glasgow 3 piece.

Band Members:

Lauren Mayberry
Iain Cook
Martin Doherty

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Written by Paul McJimpsey

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