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If you heard a low, persistent rumbling coming from the West Coast last weekend, chances are it had something to do with Savages’ performance at Coachella, which may not have had R. Kelly but more than made up for it in fist-pumping intensity according to at least one well-known source.

SAVAGES is not trying to give you something you didn’t have already, it is calling within yourself something you buried ages ago, it is an attempt to reveal and reconnect your PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL self and give you the urge to experience your life differently, your girlfriends, your husbands, your jobs, your erotic life and the place music occupies in your life. Because we must teach ourselves new ways of POSITIVE MANIPULATIONS, music and words are aiming to strike like lightning, like a punch in the face, a determination to understand the WILL and DESIRES of the self.”

This album is to be played loud in the foreground.

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Written by Paul McJimpsey

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