Cabaret Voltaire Relaunch!- Tango In The Attic / Emelle / Underclass / Dave?

Sat 12th May
Doors: 7pm
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Ticket Price: FREE

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Tango In The Attic:

Tango In The Attic are a four piece band from Glenrothes, Scotland. They play an energetic style of offbeat pop music using a variety of instruments and sounds.
Released in July 2010, debut album ‘Bank Place Locomotive Society’ earned TITA the accolade of Album Of The Month on Vic Galloway’s BBC Radio One show.
Following a highly positive critical and commercial response in the UK, the record achieved global success, featuring prominently in the American CMJ music charts, as well as similar charts throughout Europe. Additionally, a limited edition of the album was exclusively licensed for distribution in Japan by Tower Records. Tracks from ‘BPLS’ have been used in North America on MTV Show ‘The Real World’ and in a commercial for Cheer Detergent. The song ‘Jackanory’ was also used in a television advert for British footwear franchise Schuh.
The follow up to ‘BPLS’ will be released in Spring 2012

“This scribe hasn’t been to Glenrothes in some years, but either the dreakit Fife town of memory has benefited from significant, localised climate change or Tango in the Attic are simply very good at injecting sunshine into their melodies. Online weather reports confirm the latter.”- The Skinny

“They’re young, they’re fresh, they get sweaty onstage and they make an ace noise! Tango in the Attic combine Vampire Weekends singalongs with Strokes-style riffing topped-off with a real emotional edge. It’s all done with Fife accents and tunes to die for! The more I hear from them, the higher I rate them… ‘lo-fi east-coast garage’ it may be, but that sounds like a very good thing indeed!” – Vic Galloway


Three brothers and finnie playing gypsy punk with an occasional glimmer of grime, paying homage to the past, present and future and the people who’ve made us who we are – raggle taggle, if you will. We hail from the northeast banks of the Don but migrated further and further south and are now based in Edinburgh. Worked with Robin Evans, (The View, Manic Street Preachers), of TPot Studio on our debut EP, “what would my mother say” but we’re now entirely self produced and managed. Live for the live shows. … .

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