Someones Sons EP Launch : support from The Rah’s / Reflections

Sat 12th May
Doors: 8pm
Venue: Maggie Mays
Ticket Price: 6.00

Gig Guide

Someones Sons-


Someones Sons are from Clydebank, Glasgow and have been together from late 2009. It is hard to pinpoint a definitive style to describe the band but it is fair to say there are major influences from genres such as rock, indie and punk. The band’s live performances have wowed crowds across Britain and beyond with their mix of upbeat, lively tracks like “Out Of Time” & “Pretty Penny” that you can’t help but dance to like a maniac and unbelievably catchy anthems such as “Diamonds & Gold” & “Control”, that you will find yourself singing for days on end. The Sons are due to release their debut album on the 12 May 2012.

“Best unsigned band in Scotland”
Fraser Thompson XFM.

The Rahs-


The Rah’s are Jack McLeod (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Jordan McIntyre (lead guitar and vocals), Andrew McLeod (bass guitar) and Neale Gray (drums). Formed in 2009, the lads met at school and through football, and decided to form the band based on their tight bond of friendship and shared love of music.

The Rah’s have recently launched their ‘Give Me Life’ EP, with plans to tour their music around Scotland and the rest of the UK. With more singles and EPs in the works – and a possible album to follow – The Rah’s intend not only to make a name for themselves, but also to put Edinburgh firmly back on the musical map.



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